Who is Dainty Pig Designs?

Ten years ago, I got married in Verona in Italy, the home of the greatest love story ever, Romeo and Juliet. Yes, I am a soppy romantic and absolutely without doubt believe in the fairy-tale!

I could not have planned and organised my day without the help of a wonderful woman named Gloria, my wedding planner and my godsend who created the most amazing backdrop for my day.

Long story short, like Romeo and Juliet, my marriage did not last long, but my love for weddings was discovered all thanks to Gloria and her passion for creating the fairy-tale for each couple she worked with.  So over the next few years and a lot of hard work, I helped couples organise their own weddings here in Scotland, with some coming as far and wide as Australia, Sweden, America and Beijing to say their I do’s.

I loved it, but, I’m a designer at heart and I thrive when creating things, which lead me to not just planning the weddings, but also designing them: flowers, décor, stationery…  My dream was, and still is to offer something unique and not just your run of the mill wedding items every supplier out there is offering, I want to design pieces that people haven’t seen before and create some individuality.

As for me, fast forward a few more years, a new Romeo and here we are 😊